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Registered sex offenders and photography

A person’s life can change significantly after being convicted of a sex offense in Wisconsin. One reason for this is that, typically, one of the results of such a conviction is having to register as a sex offender. There are a variety of restrictions registered sex offenders are subject to in Wisconsin. It is very important for individuals who are under a sex offender registration requirement in the state to be aware of these restrictions, as violating them can have incredibly serious consequences.

The restrictions registered sex offenders face touch on a range of different things. For one, such individuals face certain restrictions regarding photography.

Specifically, state law bans such individuals from intentionally photographing (or otherwise capturing the representation of) a minor they are not the parent/legal custodian/guardian of if they lack written consent from the parent/legal custodian/guardian of the minor.

As a note, a written consent is not considered valid for the purposes of complying with this restriction if it does not contain language stating that the person the consent is for is subject to sex offender registration.

A registered sex offender can face very serious charges if they are accused of violating this restriction, as state law classifies such a violation as a Class I felony offense.

This aspect of Wisconsin law illustrates how being required to register as a sex offender can make activities generally considered fairly pedestrian, such as photography, potentially fraught with risk.

Skilled defense attorneys can help individuals subject to sex offender registration who are facing allegations of violating legal restrictions placed on them understand what consequences the allegations could have and what actions they can take in response to the allegations.

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