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Sex offender residency ordinance passed by Milwaukee’s Common Council

There are many things that can pose significant challenges for individuals convicted of sex offenses. One of these is something we discussed previously on this blog, local ordinances restricting sex offender residency. Recently, a rather restrictive version of this type of ordinance was passed by Milwaukee’s Common Council.

Under the ordinance, individuals who receive a conviction of a crime against a child or a sexually violent offense are prohibited from residing in Milwaukee, with one exception. That exception is that an individual convicted of such a crime can live in the city if they were a resident of the city at the time they committed the crime (and the crime in question was the basis of the most recent conviction on the above-mentioned classes of crimes the person has received).

The council’s decision to pass this ordinance was unanimous and occurred on Jan. 19. After the passing of the ordinance, a spokesperson of the city’s mayor said that the ordinance will be signed by the mayor.

Thus, it appears that the city of Milwaukee is getting much more restrictive when it comes to sex offender residency. Being restrictive on sex offender residency is a trend that is present in much of Milwaukee County. Only four of the county’s municipalities do not have sex offender residency restriction ordinances.

The high amount of limits on sex offender residency options in Milwaukee County underscores the deeply serious nature of facing sex offense allegations in the county. There are so many ways a person’s life and future could be seriously altered by a sex crime conviction. Thus, when individuals in Milwaukee County are facing sex crime accusations, they should promptly speak with a skilled sex crime defense attorney. Such lawyers can give such individuals explanations of their rights and help them understand what options they have for responding to these potentially life-changing allegations.

Source: WTMJ-TV, “Ordinance restricts where sex offenders can live,” Pete Zervakis, Jan. 19, 2016

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