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April 2017 Archives

Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes through an open window

One phone call is sometimes all it takes for a person to be facing criminal accusations. Perhaps a neighbor thinks he or she has witnessed a crime, and suddenly an individual is the subject of an arrest warrant. Criminal allegations alone can be stressful and intimidating, and a subsequent conviction can be catastrophic. A Wisconsin man has recently been accused of sex crimes for his alleged lewd behavior in view of a neighbor.

1 accused of drug crimes following search of business and home

A multitude of individuals have been arrested and accused of a crime following the execution of a search warrant. When a person is forced to face similar allegations, he or she may begin to feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the process. A man in Wisconsin may be experiencing similar difficulties after he was recently arrested and accused of drug crimes.

Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes involving young children

Accusations for the sexual assault of a minor can wreak havoc on the life of an accused individual in numerous ways. Such allegations can brand a person for life, even if the charges are eventually dropped. A conviction for a similar crime can be significantly more challenging to overcome. A 69-year old man is facing similar circumstances after he was recently accused of sex crimes involving two children in Wisconsin.

2 accused of white collar crimes including alleged identity theft

Many individuals who are facing felony accusations for identity theft often find the process extremely challenging to endure alone. A conviction for similar white collar crimes can have devastating consequences with regards to a person's future. Two men from another state were recently taken into custody in Wisconsin and are now facing felony charges in relation to the alleged use of fraudulent credit cards.

Teacher in Wisconsin accused of sex crimes involving student

Criminal accusations can have a lingering effect on an individual, even if a conviction is not obtained. This is often the case for individuals who are accused of sex crimes, especially when involving a minor. Allegations alone can wreak havoc on a person's life, affecting important areas such as reputation and employment. A teacher in Wisconsin may experience similar challenges after he was arrested and accused of sexual assault.

4 facing charges for drug crimes following raid of home

Overcoming criminal accusations can be a stressful and challenging process. Being accused of a drug-related crime can have a negative impact on various areas of a person's life. For individuals who do not wish for their future to be in limbo, seeking assistance early in the process may be advisable. Four people in Wisconsin may each be conferring with counsel after they were arrested and are now being accused of drug crimes.

Wisconsin woman accused of drug crimes involving opioid ring

When several sources accuse an individual of a drug-related crime, he or she will likely become the target of an investigation. This can be a grueling process that may be challenging to overcome. Authorities often use information provided by informants to initiate similar investigations in an attempt to reduce the flow of drug traffic. A woman in Wisconsin has recently been accused of multiple drug crimes, alleging that she is running a major opioid ring.

2 men accused of sex crimes involving intoxicated woman

Many individuals have been accused of a crime following events at a bar. While many accusations for sex crimes are exaggerated, facing any criminal charges filed is often stressful and challenging. Simply being accused of a similar crime can often have disastrous consequences, potentially affecting important areas of life, such as reputation within the community. Two men in Wisconsin are being accused of sexual assault following alleged events at a local tavern.

Wisconsin man accused of drug crimes following search of house

Facing charges for a crime involved drugs is often challenging for many individuals across the country. Regardless of the severity of the charges an individual is facing, a conviction can alter his or her life in various ways. Accusations alone can be detrimental, and many individuals find the subsequent process to be stressful and daunting. A man is facing multiple charges for drug crimes following the recent search of a property in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin man accused of sex crimes involving use of internet

The internet has made it much easier for people to communicate regardless of distance. While this may be considered beneficial in various ways, there are some apparent downsides. Chat rooms may have rules to govern conversations, but it may be impossible to enforce said rules in every situation. A Wisconsin man is facing charges for sex crimes following an alleged conversation with an underage girl.

3 face charges for drug crimes following search of parked vehicle

When an individual is suspected of a crime, accusations alone can have a disastrous effect on his or her life. Facing charges for drug crimes is often challenging, leaving many accused individuals to suffer in various ways. Understanding how to proceed during this period can help a person obtain the best overall outcome given the situation. Three people in Wisconsin may be seeking assistance after they were recently arrested and are now facing multiple drug charges.

School employee investigated for sex crimes

Few criminal charges can affect a person's life as completely as allegations of inappropriate behavior with a child. Someone who is suspected of sex crimes against a minor is likely to face serious consequences even before a trial or conviction. One man in Wisconsin has not been formally charged with any sex crime, but the fact that he is under investigation has already earned him negative press and placed his future in jeopardy.

College student suspended for alleged sex crimes in Wisconsin

Felony accusations can create many hardships for a person, even if they are unsubstantiated. Simply being accused of sex crimes can have a negative impact on various areas of life, such as employment and reputation. A conviction on sex crimes charges is severe, prompting many individuals to seek legal counsel for assistance in challenging them. This may be the case for a Wisconsin college student who has been suspended while facing accusations of multiple sex crimes.

Man accused of internet sex crimes involving a child in Wisconsin

Charges for crimes on the internet are becoming more common every year. Penalties for similar crimes can be severe, especially when involving a child. Online chat rooms contain a vast number of individuals, and with the anonymity involved, it is often impossible to know a person's correct age. A Wisconsin man was recently arrested and is facing charges for sex crimes on the internet.

Former school district clerk accused of white collar crimes

A person's life can change dramatically when facing accusations for credit card fraud. A conviction of this nature has severe consequences, often including heavy fines and time behind bars. A former school district clerk in Wisconsin is in a similar circumstance after being arrested for white collar crimes involving the improper use of credit cards.

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