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1 accused of drug crimes following search of business and home

A multitude of individuals have been arrested and accused of a crime following the execution of a search warrant. When a person is forced to face similar allegations, he or she may begin to feel intimidated and overwhelmed by the process. A man in Wisconsin may be experiencing similar difficulties after he was recently arrested and accused of drug crimes.

Police say they executed two separate search warrants, one at the man’s business and the other at his home. These searches allegedly uncovered more than 9 pounds of synthetic marijuana, along with a lesser amount of cocaine. He was taken into custody following the procedure and is reportedly facing charges for delivery of synthetic cannabinoids, along with potential charges for maintaining a drug dwelling.

Although the searches took place at two different places in connection with the individual in question, it is possible that he was unaware of the drugs. Other individuals may have had access to both of the sites. When facing similar circumstances, individuals may find it beneficial to keep in mind that there must be sufficient evidence to prove a person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt before a conviction can be obtained.

Accusations for drug crimes can be challenging to overcome alone. When an individual is facing similar charges, he or she may find it beneficial to consult a defense attorney for guidance throughout the process. An attorney in Wisconsin can thoroughly examine all evidence against a client and assist him or her in forming a strong defense to challenge any pending charges.

Source:, “Verona man accused of selling drugs from his home and business“, April 21, 2017

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