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Teacher in Wisconsin accused of sex crimes involving student

Criminal accusations can have a lingering effect on an individual, even if a conviction is not obtained. This is often the case for individuals who are accused of sex crimes, especially when involving a minor. Allegations alone can wreak havoc on a person’s life, affecting important areas such as reputation and employment. A teacher in Wisconsin may experience similar challenges after he was arrested and accused of sexual assault.

According to police, the mother of a teenager called in a complaint alleging that a teacher was involved in inappropriate contact with her daughter. Police claim that an investigation into the matter revealed emails between the two individuals that were sexual in nature. The teenager also claims that the teacher touched her in certain areas of her body over her clothes.

Authorities also claim to have seized multiple electronic devices from the man during the investigation. These devices allegedly contained multiple pornographic images involving children. He has already lost his position with the school system and is now facing numerous charges, including possession of child pornography and sexual assault of a minor.

Charges for sex crimes are severe and can lead to life-long consequences if a conviction is obtained. Overcoming similar charges alone is challenging, prompting many individuals to seek legal counsel for assistance in the process. An attorney in Wisconsin can evaluate all charges and the evidence involved and assist an individual in forming a strong defense, which may go a long way in protecting him or her from suffering life-altering consequences by getting the charges reduced or, in some cases, dropped entirely.

Source:, “Gresham teacher facing multiple charges, including possession of child pornography“, April 4, 2017

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