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2 accused of white collar crimes including alleged identity theft

Many individuals who are facing felony accusations for identity theft often find the process extremely challenging to endure alone. A conviction for similar white collar crimes can have devastating consequences with regards to a person’s future. Two men from another state were recently taken into custody in Wisconsin and are now facing felony charges in relation to the alleged use of fraudulent credit cards.

Authorities claim that two men entered a store and used false identification and cloned credit cards to purchase products in the amount of $1,800 or more. Another store in the chain apparently reported that a similar purchase was attempted, and advised authorities of the license plate of the suspected vehicle. Detectives reportedly followed up on the plate and proceeded to search the hotel room of the individuals in question.

This investigation allegedly uncovered fraudulent credit cards, fake identification cards and a large amount of cash. Both men were arrested following the search, and apparently remain in custody accused of felony identity theft. If convicted, they will likely face a lengthy prison term and potentially be held accountable for the restoration of losses regarding the allegedly stolen merchandise.

When accused of white collar crimes, many individuals find the subsequent process overwhelming. With numerous crucial aspects to consider during this difficult period, an individual will likely choose to retain the services of an attorney for guidance and assistance throughout. An attorney in Wisconsin can thoroughly evaluate a client’s current situation and provide him or her with advice on how to obtain the best overall outcome given the circumstances.

Source:, “New York men arrested for ID theft in Wisconsin”, April 10, 2017

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