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2 men accused of sex crimes involving intoxicated woman

Many individuals have been accused of a crime following events at a bar. While many accusations for sex crimes are exaggerated, facing any criminal charges filed is often stressful and challenging. Simply being accused of a similar crime can often have disastrous consequences, potentially affecting important areas of life, such as reputation within the community. Two men in Wisconsin are being accused of sexual assault following alleged events at a local tavern.

A 22-year-old female claims that both men had sex with her while she was too intoxicated to consent. She was reportedly seen taking multiple shots at the bar, which she claims were purchased by one of the individuals. She says that after the tavern closed, she was smoking with the man when he asked her to help him find someone. He allegedly led her to a house nearby where she claims he pulled out a couch bed and began kissing her.

She told police that she was unable to stay awake at the time, and claims that both individuals engaged in sexual acts with her. Reportedly, both men admitted to having sex with the woman, but claim it was a consensual act. Both men are facing charges for second-degree sexual assault in relation to the event.

A conviction for sex crimes of this nature can be detrimental to an individual in various ways. A person who is facing similar accusations may choose to speak with a defense attorney in Wisconsin for assistance in navigating the difficult process. An experienced attorney can evaluate the current situation and help an individual form a strong defense to challenge the charges and protect his or her future from being affected.

Source:, “Two men accused of sex assault“, Pamela Powers, March 30, 2017

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