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Man has trouble reintegrating after sex crimes in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known for its stringent sex offender regulations. Many say that transitioning back into society after serving time in prison for sex crimes is very difficult due to an apparent lack of necessary information upon release from jail. Obviously, the best way to avoid such circumstances would be to avoid conviction altogether.

One man recently regained his freedom after serving 22 years behind bars for various sex-related crimes. He had originally been convicted more than 25 years ago for having sexual relations with two teenage girls. Some years later, he was convicted again for sexual assaults against more than one woman.

The man recently stated that the system is stacked against him as he tries to rebuild a new life for himself on the outside of a jail cell. He said that all he was basically given upon his release was a GPS device to wear and a wish of good luck by officials who drove him to a drop-off point. What followed was weeks of homelessness that caused frustration and even led to him being in violation of a community sex offender ordinance after sleeping in a park (with police permission) because that type of area is off limits since children may be present there.

The man in this situation is certainly not the first person to face serious challenges finding a home or employment after being convicted of sex crimes in Wisconsin. Some, however, have been able to minimize the negative effects their situations have had on their futures by relying on skilled and experienced representation. Many attorneys are able to do more than just speak for clients in court; they are also often able to assist defendants in gaining access to resources and programs that can help propel them toward successful futures.

Source:, ““If this is winning, I don’t want it:” Convicted sex offender talks about life after being released from prison“, Brad Hicks, Sept. 11, 2016

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