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High number of violent crimes reported in Wisconsin this summer

Not long ago, a 23-year-old man died in a shooting that involved a police officer. This was not the only death-by-gunshot to occur in Wisconsin during summer 2016. Reports indicate that more violent crimes were committed during August than ever before in the state’s recorded history.

Even when a person is accused of violence against another party or parties, that person still has rights that must be protected. Most people in the United States are aware that those facing criminal charges of any sort are presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court. However, many may be unaware of specific constitutional rights that a defendant has when going through the process.

In situations like those that occurred this past summer, weapons or other unlawful possessions are often seized during police raids or investigations. There is strict protocol to which officers must adhere when searching a person or premises, and anyone facing charges can retain the help of a defense lawyer to scrutinize the process to make sure that personal rights were not violated. If, in fact, there is evidence to the contrary, an attorney can take action on behalf of a defendant by challenging the prosecution’s case in court.

In 2016, Wisconsin authorities seized 1,600 firearms, over 200 during August alone, and August was the same month listed as having the highest number of violent crimes ever in the state. Crimes involving weapons are often prosecuted quite aggressively, especially if anyone involved was injured or killed. To build as strong a defense as possible when accused of such crimes, defendants may request meetings with experienced criminal attorneys to discuss their situations.

Source:, “August Was Milwaukee’s Deadliest Month In 25 Years“, Ross Torrell, Sept. 2, 2016

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