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Charges of white collar crimes do not always lead to prison

Anyone in Wisconsin who has ever been formally accused of a crime may understand the stress and worry that typically accompany such situations. American jurisprudence allows any person charged with white collar crimes, drug-related offenses or criminal violence to present as strong a defense as possible to avoid conviction. There are generally several options available in any particular instance.

White collar crimes, in particular, often carry severe penalties, if convicted. It is not uncommon for those convicted of financial fraud, tax evasion or identity theft to face many years in prison, as well as orders to pay substantial fines as restitution. A skilled defense attorney may be able to help a client minimize the negative impact such circumstances may have on his or her future.

A key factor toward building a strong defense often relies on the fact that even those accused of serious crimes are protected by personal rights. An experienced attorney knows how to scrutinize the investigation process and subsequent arrest to determine whether any of those rights have been violated. When evidence exists that law enforcement agents acted outside the scope of their authority, the prosecution’s case may be challenged in court; in fact, there have been numerous times where this type of challenge has led to a dismissal of all charges.

Kohn & Smith has successfully helped many clients fight against charges involving white collar crimes in Wisconsin. In some situations, our skills and experience were enlisted before any formal charges were filed, thus enabling us to obtain charge reductions or eliminations of charges against our clients. By calling our office to arrange a consultation, you can take the first steps toward exploring all options that might be available to you and developing a strong defense plan.

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