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Wisconsin man apologizes for sex crimes

Being convicted of a crime in Wisconsin may lead to severe penalties, depending on the particular circumstances. For various reasons, those accused sometimes plead guilty in court. One man recently did this after being charged with multiple sex crimes.

The man admitted to drinking alcohol with minors. The 39-year-old man also said he touched two of the 15-year-old girls present at the time in inappropriate ways. A county circuit judge forced the man to repeat exactly what he had done in an effort to help him realize the seriousness of the situation.

The man told the court that he admits his wrongdoing and is very sorry for his actions. He also said he wishes the incidents had never taken place. The judge reminded him that even as it seemed uncomfortable for the man to talk about what he did, it must have been even more uncomfortable for the others involved. Since the time of the events, the man reportedly quit drinking alcohol and has become very involved in his church community.

After pleading guilty to the recent sex crimes, the Wisconsin man was then sentenced to serve 90 days in jail. He must also formally register as a sex offender and will also be placed on a two-year probation that will begin after serving his jail sentence. In similar situations, an attorney may be able to convince the court to issue a lighter sentence than might otherwise have been rendered, and may also be able to help a defendant minimize negative repercussions an incident may have in the future.

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