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Charges against man include white collar crimes

Many people in Wisconsin and other areas install surveillance cameras in and around their homes to help monitor their properties and residences. Sometimes, upon viewing surveillance films, homeowners are surprised by what they see. This may have been the case in a recent situation in another state that eventually led to a man facing several charges that included white collar crimes.

Residents were looking at recent surveillance films of their home when they noticed a man on the video attempting to open their door. They also noticed a gray vehicle parked across the road. After reviewing video surveillance from earlier in the week, it became clear that the same car had slowly driven past the house on several other occasions.

As often occurs when police have reason to believe unlawful activity is happening in a certain location but do not yet have a suspect, they positioned officers in a stake out to observe goings on in the area. During their official operation, the gray car once again drove by the same house. At that point, police moved in and arrested a 25-year-old man as a prowler.

Authorities say the very same man was identified as a suspect in several other burglaries in the area. They have accused him of white collar crimes as well, including stealing credit cards and using them to make purchases at various stores. Similar situations have occurred in the past in Wisconsin, and many defendants have sought assistance when facing such charges by requesting meetings with experienced criminal lawyers.

Source: Suisun City, Ca. Patch, “Suspect Arrested For Alleged Burglary, Prowling, Identity Theft“, Sept. 16, 2016

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