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State tax credit fraud a felony crime in Wisconsin

There are many types of tax credits Wisconsin makes available when it comes to state taxes. Being accused of having claimed one of these credits when one wasn’t eligible for it or having claimed more of a credit than one qualified for can put a person in a very serious situation. Depending on the specifics of the allegations, they could be facing a felony charge.

One of the criminal tax offenses here in Wisconsin is fraudulent claiming of a tax credit. It is a Class H felony offense.

If both of the following are present in relation to a claim a person makes for a qualifying Wisconsin tax credit, the person’s conduct falls under the definition of this felony tax offense:

  • The claim is excessive or false.
  • The person makes the claim with fraudulent intent.

So, intent can be a major point of focus in cases involving allegations of tax credit fraud.

If a person is convicted of a fraudulent claiming of a tax credit charge here in Wisconsin, among the penalties they could face are:

  • A prison sentence of as much as 6 years.
  • A fine of up to $10,000.
  • Having to cover the expense of the case’s prosecution.

Tax credit fraud is one of several types of tax-related conduct that can trigger criminal penalties here in Wisconsin. Some state tax crimes are, like tax credit fraud, felony crimes, while others are misdemeanor offenses.

So, some tax issues can have the potential to become criminal law issues for a person. Having a skilled criminal defense attorney’s advice can be vital when facing allegations of criminal tax conduct, such as accusations of tax credit fraud.

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