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Apparent drug crimes aren’t always what they seem

Many Wisconsin residents can relate to the idea of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In some situations, this had led to charges of drug crimes being filed against a person who is later found innocent of all wrongdoing. Often, obtaining such positive results in court hinges upon aggressive and effective criminal defense.

At Kohn & Smith, we are committed to defending clients accused of drug-related felony offenses throughout the state. Penalties faced under conviction vary according to individual circumstances. We are prepared to help you obtain the best results possible in your situation.

Our dedicated team of attorneys has over 35 yearsof combined experience. Although laws and guidelines that govern such matters have changed over time, we have remained steadfast in our efforts to help our clients fight against drug charges in court. Typically, one of the first things we can do on your behalf is investigate the process of arrest to make certain none of your personal rights have been violated.

Law agents are bound to adhere to regulations when conducting search and seizure or taking a suspect into custody. If we determine that appropriate measures were not followed, we may be able to challenge a portion or all of the state’s supposed evidence against you. Building upon our past successes and decades of experience, we can help you minimize the potential negative effects that being accused of drug crimes in Wisconsin may have on your future. If you would like to request a consultation, you may do so through the online contact form available on our website.

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