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Facing an uncertain future when charged with violent crimes

Being accused of murder, aggravated theft or assault in Wisconsin is obviously a serious matter. Those charged with violent crimes typically have a lot at stake. If they are unable to avoid conviction, they may stand to lose their freedom, as well as be made to pay substantial fines as restitution for their actions. Anyone who goes to prison may experience a chain reaction of unfortunate events that might include family problems, inability to earn an income and even the loss of one’s home or other assets due to not being able to pay debts.

For these and many other reasons, most people who find themselves facing trouble with the law want to do whatever is possible to avoid conviction and minimize the potential negative impact of the situation. Typically, the easiest way to increase one’s chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court is to enlist support from an experienced criminal defense attorney. In fact, it is possible to request assistance from a defense lawyer even before formal charges have been filed.

Police often conduct searches during investigations of serious crimes. During such processes, they are bound by strict protocol regarding what they may say and do. There have been many instances where officers have violated the personal rights of defendants. When this happens, a defense attorney may be able to challenge certain evidence proffered by the prosecution as inadmissible.

The law office of Kohn & Smith is located in Wisconsin and is available to provide sound counsel and effective representation to anyone facing violent crimes charges in this state. Every effort will be made to secure the best possible outcome on your behalf. By requesting a consultation, you can begin the process of building a strong and viable defense.


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