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Allegations of white collar crimes can turn lives upside down

Life can change on a dime when investigators start asking questions. Being accused of white collar crimes in Wisconsin or any other state can have immediate and long-lasting negative effects on a person’s reputation and his or her future. In many situations, a simple error or oversight might be the source of the problem. Defending oneself under such circumstances can be quite challenging.

The types of crimes defined as “white collar” are typically non-violent offenses involving taxes, identity or money. Often, charges include allegations that a person unlawfully used private information or otherwise committed fraudulent acts in order to attain personal financial gain. Especially when tax evasion is suspected, prosecutors tend to be aggressive in trying to obtain convictions.

One of the best ways a person accused of such crimes can prepare to combat the tactics of the prosecution is to retain experienced criminal defense assistance. Having the guidance and support of an attorney who has gone to bat for others in similar situations can bring peace of mind in a difficult situation. Penalties after convictions for white collar crimes greatly vary, often depending on whether charges were filed at the state or federal level.

Kohn & Smith has successfully represented many clients from throughout the state of Wisconsin charged with white collar crimes, including corporate theft, internet crimes and bank fraud. We understand that cost is often a worry for those considering retaining defense assistance. This is why we offer a free initial consultation to anyone who wishes to discuss a particular situation.

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