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Some sex crimes charges dismissed in federal case

Many people in Wisconsin or elsewhere who struggle with drug and alcohol use often say their addictions frequently lead to other problems. A young man in another state is heading to federal prison after admitting to attempted sex crimes he says were fueled by his own substance abuse. Several charges against the man were dismissed after he entered a guilty plea in court. The situation unfolded in September 2015 when the man, then age 18, picked up a hitch-hiker in his car.

He drove the woman to an empty house and has since admitted that he acted inappropriately against her by trying to force her into a sexual encounter. During the incident, the woman is said to have hit the man in his head with a container she found nearby. The woman then fled the residence and sought assistance from neighbors. The judge noted that the situation could have been much worse, and the woman got away before any further harm was done.

The man in question told the court he struggles with misuse of drugs and alcohol. He apologized for his behavior and said he accepts responsibility for his actions. As it is, he will now spend more than two years in federal prison for attempted aggravated sex crimes.

After his release from prison, the man will be placed on supervised release for another 10 years. Other charges were dismissed. In the past, many people charged for similar sex crimes in Wisconsin were able to secure dismissal of charges through experienced and aggressive defense representation.

Source:, “Ma, 19, gets 30 months in federal prison for sex crime“, Clair Johnson, Nov. 9, 2016

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