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Multiple arrests for suspected drug crimes in Wisconsin

Police in Wisconsin and other states often converse with informants to aid them in drug-related investigations. Dating back to May 2016, one man’s name has apparently been repeatedly mentioned regarding suspected drug crimes. Recently, police showed a photograph of a man to multiple informants who all identified him as a known drug dealer.

That person and several others have since been arrested. One of the informants said he has provided transportation to the man in question on several occasions so he could make drug purchases. In exchange for driving him places, the informant says he received drugs. Police reportedly enlisted the help of the informant to set up a controlled drug purchase.

At some point during the investigation, police are also said to have a searched a residence they’d been monitoring. They claim to have seized numerous items of drug paraphernalia, heroin and cocaine, and at least $1,000 in cash. Four different people were charged with drug crimes.

Two men and two women ranging in ages from 21 to 36 will now face various felony charges in court. Police believe they have brought down a known Wisconsin drug ring. Merely being accused of drug crimes, however, does not constitute guilt. Whether a conviction is handed down often depends on what type of defense strategy is implemented in the courtroom. Anyone who has been arrested on suspicion of illegal drug activity may request immediate assistance from an experienced criminal attorney in order to explore all options that might be available toward building a strong defense.

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