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Facing white collar crimes charges no small matter in Wisconsin

One may be surprised at how easily a personal or professional reputation can be damaged by accusations of criminal offenses. Even when alleged incidents are non-violent in nature, which is typically the case where white collar crimes are concerned, merely being accused is often enough to cause immediate and long-lasting negative consequences. Generally speaking, the sooner one seeks experienced assistance when charged with any type of crime in Wisconsin, the better.

White collar offenses often involve situations pertaining to identity theft, money laundering, extortion or tax evasion. Credit card and/or insurance fraud are also commonly listed in this crime category. Regardless of the details in a particular incident, penalties for any and all of these offenses can be quite severe, if convicted.

Investigations often include the searching of premises or persons. In and beyond Wisconsin, law enforcement agents are bound by strict protocol as to what they are allowed to do and say during such processes. One of the first things a skilled criminal lawyer can do when representing a client is determine whether any violation of investigation or arrest regulations has occurred.

At Kohn & Smith, you can rest assured your best interests will be kept at heart when fighting white collar crimes charges in Wisconsin. Whether you have been accused of mail fraud, embezzlement or a health care scheme of some sort, we are prepared to advocate on your behalf in court. A first logical step to take would be to request a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys to explore all options that might be available toward a strong defense in your particular situation.

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