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Switchblades no longer illegal in Wisconsin

The weapons laws here in Wisconsin do many different things. For one, they ban using weapons in certain ways. Also, they prohibit the carrying of weapons in certain situations. Additionally, there are some weapons they outright ban. When a weapon is banned, simply being accused of possessing the weapon could lead to a person being charge criminally.

Recently, one implement was removed from the list of weapons that are banned in Wisconsin. The implement in question are switchblade knives.

During the past several decades, switchblades have been illegal in the state. This has now changed given a bill that was signed into law by the governor earlier this month. The new law legalizes the possession/sale/purchase/manufacture/transport of switchblades. It also prohibits local governments in Wisconsin from regulating switchblades and other knives more strictly than state law does.

Now of course, there are still plenty of weapons that Wisconsin law continues to put an outright prohibition on or that are banned under federal law. Some examples of banned weapons are sawed-off shotguns and short-barreled rifles.

If a person is charged with possessing, selling or manufacturing a banned weapon here in Wisconsin, a conviction could have massive ramifications in their life. Thus, it can be vital for a person facing such charges to know what kinds of options they would have for challenging the charges and the evidence the charges are based on. Consequently, promptly contacting a defense attorney knowledgeable in Wisconsin criminal law on weapons can be a key step to take when facing allegations regarding banned weapons.

Source: Wisconsin Public Radio, “Carrying A Concealed Knife Is Now Legal In Wisconsin,” Feb. 8, 2016

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