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Prescription fraud can mean harsh penalties in Wisconsin

Regardless of a defendant’s particular role in prescription fraud charges, a conviction can prove devastating to all involved. This holds true for everyone from a doctor who allegedly abuses his or her prescription-writing privileges to an ordinary person who allegedly tries to use a prescription in an illegal manner.

Types of drug crimes involving prescription fraud include forging or altering prescriptions, selling prescriptions outside of the legal means, distributing and/or trafficking prescriptions and manufacturing bogus prescription drugs. Any one of the above acts or any other type of illegal misuse of a prescription means prosecutors can go after the defendant with a vengeance.

In some cases, it is even possible to be charged with forgery depending upon the circumstances surrounding an arrest for prescription fraud. According to Wisconsin statute 943.38 (1)(a), it is a Class H felony to falsely create or alter, “A writing or object whereby legal rights or obligations are created, terminated or transferred… ,” with intent to defraud. The Wisconsin statute 961.43 supports this conclusion by stating that is illegal to possess or acquire a controlled substance by, “Misrepresentation, fraud, forgery, deception or subterfuge.” The latter statute also calls the act a Class H felony.

The point is that not all drug charges are cut and dried. Wisconsin prosecutors have a wealth of legislation at their disposal that can complicate and even worsen charges involving illegal prescription use. As with any criminal action, defendants facing allegations of misuse involving controlled substances have a greater chance of beating the charges when they choose to work with a criminal defense attorney based in the state.

If you have been arrested for prescription fraud, take a moment to review the information contained on our website to determine if you need legal assistance.

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