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Overcoming allegations of sex crimes in Wisconsin

For those embroiled in defending themselves against allegations of sexual assault or similar crimes, it often seems impossible to imagine beating the charges. Like many other states, Wisconsin law takes a hard stance against such crimes, but it doesn’t have to mean an automatic defeat. Although it feels like an unwinnable situation, it is important to remain as positive as possible while still taking a realistic approach.

Giving in to negative feelings during the defense process can zap hope, establish a fatalistic mindset and even hinder efforts to clear one’s name. The law in Wisconsin is clear: It is illegal to engage in sexual activity with anyone against his or her will or without consent. Injuries caused by the alleged incident can mean even greater charges. However, as evidenced in a recent story published on, it is certainly possible to overcome charges associated with sex crimes in the state.

According to the piece, a man originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, was accused of sex crimes more than ten years ago. He was finally cleared of all charges this week due to unspecified weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. Even though it took ten years to accomplish, it’s a great example of how the modern justice system can work for defendants. Stories like this can help defendants keep hope and be more proactive, which in turn can assist attorneys with building a proper defense.

Remember, in the eyes of the law defendants are always presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If you or someone you know are facing charges of illicit sexual activities, seek help and cultivate your positivity.

Source:, “Former Richmond man cleared of all sex charges” Chelsea McDougall, Jan. 12, 2015

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