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Facing down embezzlement charges in Wisconsin

White collar crime encompasses many different illegal activities such as health care fraud, computer crimes, identity theft and more. Embezzlement, a serious offense in the eyes of the law, is another crime largely relegated to the white collar workforce.

The law takes a harsh stand against these kinds of activities and can impose life-changing penalties if a defendant receives a conviction. For any resident in the Milwaukee area accused of embezzlement, knowledge and legal representation is the best way to face down such charges and emerge as unscathed as possible.

According to Cornell University Law School, embezzlement occurs when a person to whom property was entrusted, takes or misappropriates that property. In terms of the law, it does not matter whether the alleged defendant keeps the property or transfers it to a separate entity. It is considered embezzlement regardless of what happens to the property in the end.

Embezzlement can occur in several different ways, the most common of which involve taking large amounts of property at once, skimming small amounts over a period of time and under-reporting incoming funds and keeping the difference. In many cases, all authorities must do to prove embezzlement is to show how the defendant had control over the property in question. This is why those facing such charges should exercise due diligence in building a case.

Not all embezzlement or company theft charges result in a conviction, but it is best for defendants to be cautious going forward with their defense. Seeking legal assistance gives those accused of embezzlement the best possible chance of having the charges reduced or dismissed altogether.

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