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Plea agreement ends Jared Fogle’s ties with Subway

Milwaukee defendants often worry about the immediate consequences of an arrest or conviction. Criminal defense attorneys realize allegations also may result in long-term damage to a defendant’s personal or professional life.

A man who once gained fame nationwide for eating his way to a healthier weight now faces charges for sex crimes. Jared Fogle was a morbidly obese college student who became known for losing hundreds of pounds, in part, due to a steady diet of Subway subs. Jared’s physical transformation since 2000 turned into a successful advertising campaign for the restaurant.

According to KSAT-TV, Fogle gained more fame in 2006 with the establishment of the Jared Foundation, an organization geared toward helping obese children. Federal authorities searched Fogle’s home last spring, after the foundation’s director was arrested and charged with producing and possessing underage pornography. Investigators claimed the director had been sharing images of child porn with Fogle for several years.

Fogle also is accused of traveling out of state to have paid for sex with at least two underage teens. Prosecutors claim evidence found in Fogle’s home supports claims of child sexual abuse.

The once-popular 37-year-old pitchman apparently has agreed to plead guilty to avoid a lengthy prison term, which could range from five years up to 12 ½ years. The plea deal also includes $100,000 in restitution payments for each of Fogle’s 14 alleged victims.

The underage pornography apparently was recorded in the foundation director’s home using hidden cameras. Fogle wasn’t accused of producing the sexually-explicit material, but he was charged with possessing and distributing it.

Jared Fogle’s professional relationship with Subway was put on hold following the home search and severed after authorities announced Fogle agreed to the plea deal. Fogle’s wife is filing for divorce. Fogle is undergoing psychiatric treatment for sexual disorders.

A plea deal can offer a relatively foreseeable outcome. A jury’s verdict is not so predictable.

Source: CNN, “Jared Fogle, former Subway pitchman, reaches plea deal in child porn case,” Mariano Castillo, Aug. 20, 2015

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