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Wisconsin man arrested for drug crimes facing felony charges

Arrests regarding drug-related crimes have become a common occurrence in recent years. Convictions of this nature can be detrimental to a person’s future, often affecting many different areas of life. Individuals in Wisconsin who are accused of drug crimes may find it beneficial to seek assistance when forming a strategy for defense. This may be the case for a man who was recently arrested and charged with the delivery of heroin.

With the assistance of an informant, an undercover officer set out to meet with a man at a local store. The officer claims to have purchased small packages from him, allegedly containing heroin. After a second meeting, in which the officer claims to have purchased several pills from the man, he was arrested and accused of the manufacturing and delivery of a controlled substance.

Penalties for felony charges of this nature are severe, often including significant fines, as well as a lengthy prison term. The suspect is now facing up to 18 years in prison and/or up to $35,000 in fines. When facing similar circumstances, it is often advisable to seek legal counsel early in the process when seeking to defend against the charges. A strong defense is often imperative in obtaining the best outcome given the situation.

Drug crimes can alter a person’s life dramatically, regardless of the severity of the charges. When facing a similar situation, many residents of Wisconsin retain the services of an experienced attorney for assistance in the process. A criminal defense attorney can inform an individual of the type of charges he or she will likely face and give advice on the best course of action to proceed.

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