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Alleged robbery leads to accusations of felony drug crimes for 5

For individuals who are accused of involvement in drug activity, the outcome of the situation could have a significant impact on the rest of their lives. A conviction for drug crimes carries serious repercussions, the penalties for which may only become more severe if the crime takes place near a school. Five individuals have been arrested and accused of involvement in drug activity following the search of a home that is just across the street from an elementary school in Wisconsin.

The incident in question reportedly stems from a recent investigation into a robbery at a local apartment complex. After locating two men who were allegedly involved in the robbery, authorities claim they were advised of the location of the stolen goods. While searching the house, which sits across from an elementary school, police allegedly unearthed the presence of numerous types and amounts of illegal drugs, including as much as 137 grams of cocaine.

Five individuals were arrested shortly after the search, three of whom reportedly advised police they were only visiting the residence. Each person is facing felony charges in relation to the incident, including possession with intent to deliver heroin and cocaine. One man has also been accused of maintaining a drug dwelling, and faces additional charges for allegedly receiving stolen property.

Individuals who are accused of felony drug crimes face difficult decisions that could leave many uncertain how best to proceed. In the initial stages of the process, one could benefit from speaking with an attorney for guidance in understanding his or her available options. An attorney can assist a client in Wisconsin in forming a strong defense and, if a conviction cannot be avoided, assist in pursuing a lesser sentence during legal proceedings.

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