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Police make arrest regarding suspected white collar crimes

Police in Wisconsin recently investigated a situation involving a now former employee who worked for a major horse fair production. The 50-year-old woman in question was the executive director of an annual event that attracted horse lovers and equestrian enthusiasts from across the nation. She was terminated without notice from her position after white collar crimes allegations surfaced regarding money she’d supposedly stolen from Midwest Horse Fair accounts.

Authorities claim they have evidence that the woman made more than $200,000 in personal purchases with money that did not belong to her. Police arrested the woman during a recent traffic stop. She is expected to face multiple theft and fraud charges. 

The woman is known throughout her community for her work in various programs that support and encourage area youth. Her contracts working with such programs are now under review in light of her developing legal problems. A fellow employee at Midwest Horse Fair appears to have been the main informant regarding theft accusations made against the woman.

The co-worker claims she saw a bank statement that showed the woman had written herself a personal check from funds in the company’s account. The woman is now scheduled to appear at a hearing related to the white collar crimes allegations in January. In similar situations, Wisconsin residents charged with such crimes have successfully avoided conviction by relying on experienced and aggressive criminal defense assistance in court. This type of defense often means the difference between preserving one’s freedom and suffering long-lasting negative consequences in a particular situation.

Source:, “Former Midwest Horse Fair director arrested for alleged thefts from fair accounts“, Ed Trevelen, Dec. 22, 2017

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