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Care facility employee accused of white collar crimes

Some patients who reside in care facilities are incapable of caring for themselves. Should their family members feel loved ones are being mistreated or taken advantage of, they may choose to file a complaint and initiate an investigation. A 23-year-old employee at a care facility in Wisconsin has recently been accused of white collar crimes after she allegedly used a patient’s credit card for personal purchases.

Police assert the incident began when they received reports of a possible theft at a care facility in the area. According to authorities, a family member of a dementia patient claims to have received reports of a recent purchase on his credit card. After visiting the man and allegedly finding the card was missing from his wallet, his family members filed the complaint and the investigation was initiated.

During the investigation, authorities claim to have located video surveillance of the employee using the man’s card for personal purchases at two separate stores on the same day. Upon being questioned, she allegedly admitted to using the card, but stated that she had found it on the floor. She has since been charged with identity theft, and she is likely focusing on her defense while awaiting further court proceedings.

White collar crimes such as identity theft are serious in nature, and those who face such charges could benefit from seeking guidance before responding to the allegations. By consulting an attorney, a person in Wisconsin could obtain assistance in forming a strong defense. An attorney can also provide a client with guidance throughout court proceedings and work toward protecting his or her legal rights in the process.

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