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Sex crimes and kidnapping charges filed against Wisconsin man

Criminal accusations of any kind can be life-changing, especially when the alleged act involves sex crimes. Just the allegation of sexual misconduct can do irreparable damage a person’s reputation within the community. A Wisconsin man recently charged with sex crimes and felony kidnapping could potentially serve jail time and be forced to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

The allegations stem from incidents that supposedly took place last month. The 54-year-old Mosinee man was charged on Dec. 29 for incidents that happened the prior day after a woman claims to have escaped confinement in his home. Sex crimes charges were filed for forced oral sex and kidnapping for placing the woman in a locked box.

The woman says that she came to the man’s home to visit his granddaughter. After being told that the granddaughter was not home, the man supposedly asked for assistance with a remodeling project in his basement. It is alleged that he used a non-commercial stun gun device to incapacitate the woman, after which he purportedly forced her to perform oral sex on him. The woman claims that the man then placed her in a box that was screwed shut.

Using a nail hidden during her struggles, the woman says that she weakened, then broke duct tape wrapped around her ankles, bit through twine and tape around her wrists, then opened the box using her back. She says she escaped the house by breaking a padlock on a door with a hammer. Apparently, the man was not present at this time.

Contacting a defense attorney as quickly as possible after being accused of sex crimes is often crucial to a strong defense. The lifelong effects of a conviction can hinder one’s ability to gain employment and housing, in addition to the serious penalties that could follow a conviction. An experienced Wisconsin defense attorney can inform the accused of all options available and work toward achieving a favorable result.

Source: ABC News, “Wisconsin Man Accused of Locking Woman in Wooden Box”, Ivan Moreno, Jan. 4, 2017

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