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Wisconsin man facing charges of sex crimes against a child

Being charged with a serious crime, especially when it involves a child, can result in some of the most extreme restrictions and penalties handed out in the state of Wisconsin. A St. Croix County judge has demonstrated this by imposing a bail amount of $100,000 upon a Somerset man alleged to have committed sex crimes against a child. The man is said to be unable to pay this amount and remains in jail, eliminating any potential risk of flight from the charges, which carry a maximum 150-year jail sentence if guilty verdicts are reached.

The complaint states that a father reported to police that his daughter had been sexually abused by the man. The child claims that the activity took place over a three-year period and include at least 10 incidents of assault. The man is also alleged to have taken pictures of the girl with his phone after making her undress.

A search of the man’s home is said to have uncovered pornographic images of other children. Digital, print and Polaroid images were supposedly discovered along with a video camera and discs containing videos of naked children. Because of these discoveries, it is likely that more charges will be filed against the man.

However, no matter what the criminal charges are, a person is always entitled to retain the counsel of an attorney to dispute and defend against those charges. Allegations of sex crimes in Wisconsin involving a child could be prosecuted with extra vigor. If charges have been filed, it is important to retain an attorney as quickly as possible so that the strongest possible defense can be constructed. It is possible that through the concerted efforts of a knowledgeable lawyer, the charges could be reduced or dropped without even entering a courtroom.

Source:, “Charges: Somerset man abused girl, made child porn“, Mike Longaecker, Jan. 13, 2017

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