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Internet sex crimes: What they are and where you can seek support

Laws governing matters regarding internet sex offenses vary by state. Sex crimes over the internet often include child pornography, solicitation or other inappropriate interactions with minors. Since 2009, it has been estimated that sexual offenses perpetrated online have increased threefold in Wisconsin and throughout the nation.

The average sentence for conviction of an internet sex crime has lengthened. Situations in the United States often become international incidents given the fact that online communication is global. Such circumstances are often complicated since the laws in this country are different from laws in foreign lands. For instance, federal law prohibits sexual depictions of real children; however, some countries also prohibit depictions of fictional children.

While reports of child sex abuse and violent crimes have decreased over time, internet sexual offenses have increased. Authorities estimate there are millions of computers in the United States used for such purposes. However, if a police officer shows up at someone’s door requesting to search a home computer, unless that officer produces a validly obtained warrant, the request need not be granted.

If the officer does have a proper warrant, enters the home, searches a computer and places someone under arrest on suspicion of sex crimes, an attorney may be contacted immediately for defense assistance. In Wisconsin and elsewhere, prosecutors tend to use very aggressive tactics in their quests to obtain convictions. Avoiding conviction and staying out of jail may be easier to achieve when relying on the skills and experience of an attorney who has defended others in similar situations.


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