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Wisconsin home scene of alleged drug crimes, 5 arrested

Being arrested on suspicion of illicit drug activity is obviously a serious matter. Life abruptly changed for five people in Wisconsin after a recent visit from several sheriff’s deputies. All five persons have been arrested on suspicion of various drug crimes. Police officers apparently entered and searched a Western Avenue home where those arrested were located at the time and claim to have found substantial amounts of drugs inside.

Officers claim to have seized marijuana, fentanyl and methamphetamine during their search. Exact amounts of each type of drug were not publicized. Police say they also took cash from the house, but again did not specify an amount.

Three men and two women were placed under arrest, although no formal charges were filed against them. Those taken into custody range in ages from 21 to 39. Charges are expected to be filed in the near future, which may include maintaining a drug trafficking location, delivering methamphetamine and possession with intent to deliver.

Anyone charged with drug crimes in Wisconsin or any other state is able to fight the charges in court by retaining help from a defense lawyer. There have actually been many past situations where attorneys have successfully obtained dismissals of charges against their clients, while others have sought reduced sentences on the behalves of clients who were convicted. Either way, it is generally beneficial to act alongside experienced representation when facing drug-related charges in court. A person suspected of a crime is able to request a meeting with an attorney even before any charges have been filed.

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