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Traffic stop for suspended license results in drug crimes arrest

Before the search of a vehicle can be initiated, authorities must have reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. If one’s rights are violated during search procedures, the evidence that is found in the process may be deemed inadmissible. A person in Wisconsin was recently arrested and accused of drug crimes following a search that took place during a routine traffic stop.

The driver was reportedly pulled over in the early hours of the morning for allegedly operating a vehicle on a suspended license. After initiating the stop, authorities claim to have caught wind of a strong smell of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. They then proceeded to search the vehicle, which allegedly uncovered nearly 5 grams of marijuana, along with various types of drug paraphernalia.

It is unclear how authorities became aware that the person’s license was suspended, or if any other traffic violations might have led to the stop. He or she is likely facing multiple charges in relation to the search, and if convicted, would be facing serious penalties as a result. Individuals who are facing a similar situation often choose protect themselves against potentially devastating consequences by focusing on their defense.

Those who are accused of drug crimes may often wonder about the consequences they might face, as well as the available options moving forward. By speaking with an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible, a person in Wisconsin who is facing similar charges could obtain guidance on the best course of action to take moving forward. An attorney can thoroughly evaluate the situation and advise a client on how to obtain the best outcome possible during court proceedings.

Source: Oak Creek, WI Patch, “Traffic Stop In Oak Creek Turns Into Drug Charges“, Scott Anderson, June 19, 2017

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