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Woman charged with forgery and other white collar crimes

When someone in Wisconsin is accused of embezzlement, it is usually following a long and complicated investigation. In some cases, a financial irregularity is found, and the money trail is traced back to the person who had the most frequent access to business accounts. That person may be charged with white collar crimes, which are sometimes federal cases, and he or she may face harsh penalties if convicted.

One woman in Wisconsin is charged with two felonies after investigators accused her of misusing funds when she worked for an emergency medical transportation service. Her duties included contracting and billing clients. However, the 56-year-old woman was fired after 12 years when the association determined that she was allegedly stealing medical supplies. Further investigation showed payroll and billing inconsistencies amounting to $6,805.

The woman claims she was given access to an account, which, according to her, was not used unless money was needed. Using her authority over the account, the woman reportedly says she purchased food and beverages for company parties. She also supposedly purchased gift cards and other items for employee gifts. Although a co-signature appeared on all the checks, Wisconsin investigators say the man given authority to co-sign denies ever signing any of the checks. The woman was also apparently unable to produce receipts for anything she claims she bought.

When a trusted employee is accused of white collar crimes, it is a cause for concern. Convictions for such crimes may mean lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines and unsalvageable reputations. Those facing embezzlement charges would benefit from the assistance of an attorney who has years of success bringing such cases to a positive outcome.

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