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New legislation would place act of stealthing under sex crimes

Many individuals have been accused of a crime concerning an act that they believed to be consensual. Sex crimes have severe penalties that can have a significant impact on the future of an accused individual, especially if a conviction is obtained. A lawmaker in Wisconsin has reportedly submitted new legislation that would classify the term known as stealthing as sexual assault.

According to the lawmaker, the act of stealthing consists of the removal of any form of protection, during or before intercourse, without the knowledge and consent of the other party. If passed, this act could fall under sexual assault, which has severe penalties that are often challenging to overcome. The legislation suggests that although the sex act itself may be consensual, the other party might not consent to the removal of protection.

When asked about stealthing, certain authorities assert that it has not been an issue in the past and that they were previously unaware of the term and its meaning. According to the lawmaker, this unawareness is mostly the result of individuals not coming forward with similar complaints under the belief that it might not be an actual sex crime. Should this new legislation be enacted into law, many individuals might find themselves in serious trouble without fully understanding the charges against them.

Individuals in Wisconsin who are accused of sex crimes have the right to seek legal counsel before responding to the charges. By speaking with a defense attorney, a client can obtain advice throughout this challenging process. An attorney can evaluate the charges against a client, inform him or her of the possible consequences and provide advice on the best course of action to take moving forward.

Source: NBC News, “Wisconsin Lawmaker Wants ‘Stealthing’ Classified as Sex Assault“, Corky Siemaszko, May 15, 2017

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