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2 accused of alleged solicitation of minor online

Internet chat rooms can give an individual the ability to pretend to be someone else. Although many conversations that take place online are harmless, some may be undertaken with ulterior motives in mind. Two Wisconsin men have recently been accused of sex crimes after allegedly soliciting a minor through online sources.

A police officer claims that a man engaged in conversations with him that were sexual in nature while he was posing as an underage girl online. According to police, he also allegedly asked for proof of her age via graphic photos. They assert that a meeting was eventually set up, and the man allegedly arrived at a residence with a condom on his person. He was arrested and accused of sexual assault and use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime.

Another man was allegedly involved in a similar incident during a recent investigation into online crimes involving children. According to reports, he faces similar charges, and both men have been released on bond and are banned from using the internet while awaiting court proceedings. One of the men allegedly claimed that he intended to meet with the young girl and advise her against this type of behavior.

Individuals who are accused of sex crimes might find it advisable to seek legal advice before responding to the charges. Those who are facing such a stressful and intimidating life event often speak with a defense attorney for advice on making informed decisions throughout the process. An attorney can advise a client in Wisconsin of the potential outcomes he or she may face, and assist in forming a strong defense for use in court proceedings.

Source:, “Police: La Crosse, Onalaska men arrested in undercover child sex sting“, Anne Jungen, June 1, 2017

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