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1 accused of domestic violence after alleged shotgun threats

Countless individuals have face criminal charges following a domestic dispute. Although in many cases these may simply involve a battle of words, such disputes can quickly become dangerous if weapons are present. A Wisconsin man is currently facing domestic violence charges after allegedly pulling out a shotgun and threatening others at a nearby home.

According to reports, authorities claim to have received a report on a recent Thursday of a domestic dispute at a nearby residence. Upon arriving at the scene, they say that a man was crossing the street with a shotgun in hand while making threats. Police assert that once he became aware of their presence, he retreated back to his home, allowing them to safely evacuate others nearby.

Authorities claim that the man remained inside the home for around two hours before exiting and being placed under arrest. A shotgun was allegedly recovered during this period, which they claim to have found outside the home. He is facing multiple charges in relation to the alleged incident, and would face serious penalties should a conviction be obtained. Those who are accused of similar crimes often wish to protect themselves by challenging the charges, but the process can be difficult to navigate alone.

When accused of domestic violence, a person might find it advisable to seek guidance prior to entering legal proceedings. By speaking with an attorney, a client in Wisconsin could obtain advice on making informed decisions throughout this stressful and daunting life event. A defense attorney can evaluate the charges against a client and provide advice on how to pursue the best outcome possible given the circumstances.

Source:, “Monroe man carries shotgun, makes threats,” July 6, 2017

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