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2 arrested, accused of multiple drug crimes in Wisconsin

Individuals who are accused of a drug-related crime may often find the subsequent process to be intimidating. With the severity of the potential consequences for drug crimes such as possession with intent to deliver, many of the accused may wish to protect themselves throughout this stressful period. However, they may be uncertain how to achieve this goal. A man and a woman are facing similar charges after the recent search of a Wisconsin residence.

The search was initiated after authorities claim to have acquired information that the individuals in question were selling crystal methamphetamine from within the residence. During the search, they allegedly discovered almost 8 grams of crystal meth and over 180 grams of marijuana. In addition, they also say they seized various types of drug paraphernalia, along with multiple cell phones and an unspecified amount of cash.

Two individuals were taken into custody shortly after, both of whom face multiple charges, including possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine and marijuana, along with keeping a drug dwelling. Similar charges carry severe penalties should a conviction be obtained. Chances are, the two individuals in question might be preparing for the road ahead by focusing on their defenses.

A strong defense could prove crucial to those who are accused of serious drug crimes. However, this can be difficult to achieve alone, prompting many of the accused to seek assistance moving forward. By speaking with an experienced defense attorney, a client in Wisconsin could obtain guidance throughout the process and, if a conviction cannot be avoided, assistance in pursuing a reduced sentence during court proceedings.

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