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1 accused of felony drug crimes after raid in Wisconsin

A man is reportedly facing numerous drug-related charges after the recent search of a residence in Wisconsin. Countless individuals have been accused of drug crimes under similar circumstances over the years. When facing a similar situation, an accused individual may often choose to prepare for subsequent legal proceedings by focusing on his or her defense with guidance from an attorney.

According to reports, authorities initiated a search at the residence on a recent Thursday morning. During this period, they claim to have uncovered the presence of various types and amounts of drugs, including marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms, along with a large sum of cash. An 18-year-old man was arrested shortly thereafter and is facing felony drug charges in relation to the alleged incident.

It is unclear what may have led authorities to suspect the presence of drug activity at this particular residence. In addition, no information was provided concerning the man’s involvement in the alleged operation, or if there were any others that reside in the home. The charges against him carry severe penalties, and if convicted, he would likely be facing a prolonged prison term.

An individual who is accused of drug crimes may often feel somewhat overwhelmed and intimidated by the process, and perhaps even uncertain how to proceed. Those who wish to protect themselves from potentially devastating consequences may often speak with a defense attorney for guidance throughout this stressful period. An attorney can thoroughly examine the situation and advise a client in Wisconsin on the best course of action to take moving forward.

Source:, “Teen arrested in Baraboo drug bust,” Jake Prinsen, July 7, 2017

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