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Man faces domestic violence charges following alleged assault

While many domestic disputes may not involve much more than a verbal spat, in some cases, the situation can grow way out of hand and become physical. Domestic violence is a major issue in many areas, and can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. A Wisconsin man is currently facing multiple charges after an alleged altercation with his significant other.

The woman claims that the two were recently out at a bar where the man was almost involved in a physical altercation with another individual. Sometime later, she asserts that he arrived at her home and threatened her before throwing a stool at her face. He then allegedly grabbed a nearby mirror and began to hit her over the head repeatedly before she was able to get away.

Upon arriving at the scene, police say that the woman had visible signs of injury, including numerous cuts from where the mirror had shattered. They also claim that the man had started a fire inside the residence, which allegedly caused a great deal of damage. He was subsequently arrested and is now facing numerous charges in relation to the alleged incident, including misdemeanor battery and felony domestic abuse.

Charges for domestic violence are serious in nature, and a conviction would have a devastating impact on the future of an accused individual. Those who face similar allegations may seek to protect themselves from potentially devastating consequences, but the process can be challenging to navigate alone. By speaking with a defense attorney, a client in Wisconsin could obtain advice on the potential consequences and outcomes of the charges against him or her, as well as guidance on the best course of action with which to proceed.

Source:, “Man Beat Woman With Mirror, Set Apartment On Fire, Police Say“, Denise Lockwood, June 27, 2017

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