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Wisconsin hotel rooms may be locations of white collar crimes

When one checks into a hotel in Wisconsin or elsewhere in the nation, one does not typically expect police to arrive at the door asking to search the room. White collar crimes cover a wide genre of offenses, from tax fraud and money laundering to identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Being accused of a crime immediately places one’s reputation at risk. Minimizing the long-term negative impact of such incidents often depends on the type of defense one is able to present in court.

A man who was scheduled to checkout of his hotel room one day in September 2014 found himself facing law enforcement agents who were requesting to enter and search his room. Apparently, a hotel housekeeper had told them she had seen sheets of uncut $100 bills lying around in there. The man reportedly allowed the officers to enter, upon which they claim to have found evidence of several crimes during their search.

Authorities say that the man was allegedly in the process of printing at least $100,000 in counterfeit money when they arrested him. They claim that, in addition to sheets of fake paper currency, there was also a printer in the room and evidence of documents containing stolen identity information. Officers also said that the man may have been involved in criminal activities, including a reported car theft, in several other states.

Facing white collar crimes charges in Wisconsin is obviously a serious matter. Many times, a criminal defense lawyer is able to successfully fight against such charges on behalf of a client in court. Aggressive and experienced legal representation is often the key to avoiding incarceration in these types of situations.

Source:, “Florida man sentenced for identity theft, producing counterfeit money in Greensboro“, Alix Hines, May 4, 2016

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