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Wisconsin communities often upset by violent crimes

In Wisconsin and all other states, communities are often thrown off kilter when one of their own is accused of a serious crime. Violent crimes occur in all types of neighborhoods and usually evoke strong emotions against those accused. The justice system of the United States, however, requires that all defendants are fully entitled to the presumption of innocence unless and until proved otherwise by prosecutors in criminal court.

In one Wisconsin neighborhood, a 31-year-old mother of three was recently found dead. Her body was found lying in a farmer’s field. The sheriff’s department announced that a murder investigation came to a close on a recent Tuesday night.

Investigators say the woman’s murder occurred just several miles from her own home. The decedent is said to have shared a home with her 34-year-old boyfriend. He has been arrested and is suspected of first-degree homicide. Formal charges are expected to be filed in the immediate future. Authorities stated that they are still unsure whether the woman was killed at the same location her body was found, or whether her body was moved.

Apparently, a drone was being used as a means of filming the area and collecting evidence from the apparent crime scene. Those accused of violent crimes in Wisconsin have a lot at stake, including their personal reputations and freedom. It often requires aggressive and experienced legal guidance to successfully defend against such charges in court. This type of guidance can be sought by requesting a meeting with a criminal lawyer as soon as one becomes suspect in a crime.

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