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Wisconsin authorities arrest local teacher for alleged sex crimes

In Wisconsin and all other states, there are very strict laws regarding sexual activity with minors. Those convicted of sex crimes may face extended time in prison and be forced to register as offenders for the rest of their lives. The outcome of each situation often depends on effective legal representation.

On a recent Friday, a man who works as a teacher and sports coach in Seymour was arrested. Reportedly, the instructor has since been placed on administrative leave while an investigation remains ongoing. It is expected that charges of using a computer to perpetuate a sex crime and child enticement are soon to be filed against the man.

Local authorities say they believe the teacher committed the alleged offenses on the very same day he was arrested. The school superintendent was preparing to speak at a news conference regarding the situation. It is often difficult to defend against sex crime allegations, which is why those accused are advised to secure experienced legal guidance to present a strong defense in court.

Many variables may affect the outcome of sex crimes allegations in Wisconsin, including the specific charges, the evidence that prosecutors eek to use in court and whether they are considered a first offense. By contacting an experienced criminal attorney, one can begin to explore all options that might be available to achieve a successful result. One of the first things a defense attorney can do is to determine whether law enforcement agents acted properly when conducting a search and seizure, as well as during the arrest process.

Source:, “WI teacher faces child enticement & computer sex crime charges”, May 9, 2016

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