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White collar crimes apparently on the rise in Wisconsin

Being accused of identity theft or other criminal mischief in Wisconsin does not constitute a person’s guilt. As in all other states, anyone facing criminal charges is to be presumed innocent unless proved otherwise by a judge or jury. Penalties if convicted of white collar crimes can be quite severe, resulting not only in extended prison time but substantial monetary fines to be paid as retribution as well.

Recent reports suggest that insurance fraud and other types of Internet crime may be on the rise throughout the state. Apparently, Wisconsin is now ranked 13th in the nation for the most reported incidents of while collar crimes in 2015. That means that such reports have almost doubled in the state since the previous year.

It seems to be such a predominant issue that the Better Business Bureau recently published plans for a public event where people can bring their documents to have them shredded in the hope of better protecting their identities. Officials say that most identity thefts occur when personal information becomes lost or stolen. Anyone accused of such crimes is able to fight against the charges by enlisting the aid of an experienced criminal attorney.

The repercussions for being convicted of white collar crimes in Wisconsin are often negative and long-lasting. Many times, a person’s very reputation is on the line as soon as word of an arrest gets around. It can be stressful and legally challenging to clear one’s name in such circumstances, and having a criminal lawyer by one’s side may increase one’s chances for obtaining a positive outcome.

Source:, “BBB Serving Wisconsin Holds Free Bi-Annual Shredding Event to Help Fight Identity Theft“, Lisa Schiller, April 26, 2016

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