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Woman charged with violent crimes in Wisconsin

When a person in Wisconsin is accused of a crime, a process unfolds wherein that person will be made to present a defense to the court. One would hope there would be a way to eradicate violent crimes from society. The fact remains, however, that charges of arson, murder and grand theft continue to occur after suspicious incidents in all parts of the nation.

One such situation involved a house fire that took place in 2015. An 89-year-old man died after a woman pulled him from the burning house. That woman, age 47, is now charged with murder and arson in connection with the incident.

Neighbors say the man’s late wife was an acquaintance of the woman’s grandmother. The woman herself apparently visited the man occasionally, and they would share stories of past memories. The woman has since told investigators, however, that at some point the man made sexual advances toward her. On the night of the fire, she was reportedly seen dragging the man from the house and did not let any witnesses come close to render aid.

An autopsy showed the man died of smoke inhalation and the ongoing effects of heart disease. Investigators say the woman’s DNA matched samples taken from underneath the man’s fingernails and from his under clothing. Those facing similar charges of violent crimes in Wisconsin may increase their chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court by retaining aggressive and experienced legal representation before trial. When accused of a crime, a defendant may make an immediate request to meet with a criminal lawyer before answering any questions from law enforcement agents or other authorities.

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