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Why even the innocent can benefit from an attorney

There are many situations throughout life in which we decide to hire a professional. When we need to fix our roof, we call a roofer. When our car breaks down, we take it to a mechanic. And when we need to do our taxes, we take our paperwork to a tax preparer. So it would make sense that when we have legal problems, we would turn to an attorney.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case. An individual may end up facing criminal charges and feel that their innocence will prevail. While we all certainly hope that no innocent person is found guilty of something they didn’t do, we also know that’s not always the case. Every year we hear about cases where individuals are freed after spending decades in prison for a crime they did not commit.

It’s not uncommon that an innocent individual speaks with police without having an attorney by his or her side. They feel if they are open and honest about the situation tied to the charges that police will believe them and drop the charges.

Unfortunately, interrogators can inaccurately read into what someone says and in some cases use it against them. This is where an attorney comes in. An attorney knows the various tactics used by interrogators and can help an individual explain his or her side without inadvertently incriminating him or herself. The attorney can help you understand any potential legal consequences related to the charge and what options you have as you navigate the legal system.

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