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Milwaukee man accused of sex crimes after incarceration

In certain circumstances, someone who has served time in prison after being convicted of a crime must continue to be monitored in some way after being released from jail. For instance, those who were convicted for violent sex crimes must continue to update their personal information in a registry once they are set free. Although laws vary by state, it is not uncommon for someone who has served a sentence for such crimes to be monitored for the rest of his or her life. A man in Milwaukee who was recently released from a secure treatment center was being tracked by a GPS bracelet before being accused of another offense.

The man was convicted of a crime in 1994 that involved a teenage girl. He is now 67 years old and was held in a secure housing facility for more than 10 years. During that time, officials say he repeatedly refused treatment and prosecutors continued to request that he be denied freedom each time he was eligible to request a release.

A judge ordered that the man be released in April 2016. He was to wear a GPS bracelet so authorities could track him. He was also supposed to alert  officials any time he changed residences.

An agent recently claimed that the updates given by the man did not match the Milwaukee locations tracked on the GPS. The agent requested a police search for the man. At some point, a woman who was in a house that the man had reported as his location called police saying that the man had committed sex crimes against her. If convicted of failing to properly update the registry or of the fourth-degree sexual assault with which he is now charged, the man might be returned to prison. Like anyone in Wisconsin accused of a felony, he is able to seek legal guidance before answering any questions from authorities or court officials.

Source:, “Newly released sex offender charged with sex crime“, Bruce Vielmetti, May 23, 2016

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