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Investigation leads to fraud and theft charges for pharmacist

When it comes to taking inventory at work, employees are bound to make mistakes from time to time. While in most cases, such an error could only lead to disciplinary action, if a company feels as though a theft has occurred, an employee could face criminal charges. A pharmacist has recently been accused of theft and fraud after allegedly taking various types and amounts of drugs from her employer in Wisconsin.

The investigation reportedly began after an individual notified the pharmacy that the woman had allegedly offered to provide her with medication for back pain at a local residence. After performing an audit of the pharmacy, investigating officials claim they uncovered evidence of numerous discrepancies in the company’s inventory logs. Authorities claim this evidence indicated the woman had failed to provide receipts for over $20,000 worth of drugs.

Upon being questioned the following day, the former pharmacist allegedly admitted to taking medication for personal uses and tendered her resignation soon thereafter. She is facing several charges in relation to the investigation, including obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and theft, both of which are reportedly felony charges. If convicted, she could be facing a variety of potentially life-altering consequences, such as a lengthy prison term.

Felony theft and fraud charges carry severe penalties, and those who are accused of such acts may find it advisable to seek advice in the initial stages of the process. An experienced attorney can provide a person in Wisconsin with guidance in making informed decisions throughout the process. An attorney can help a client fully understand the situation and provide assistance with any further legal proceedings associated with the charges.

Source:, “Former pharmacist from Gillett accused of diverting drugs“, Kent Tempus, Feb. 20, 2018

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