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Wisconsin man accused of armed robbery regarding incident in 2016

In some cases, a conviction for criminal charges may depend on the evidence against an accused individual, as well as his or her ability to challenge the charges and evidence in court. Since the average person might not have experience in such matters, he or she may find it advisable to seek help from an attorney. A 30-year-old man in Wisconsin has recently been accused of armed robbery in relation to an incident that reportedly occurred in Jan. 2016.

Authorities assert the incident began when the owners of a local convenience store left the door unlocked while counting money from the cash register. While performing this task, they claim a person walked in and drew out a firearm. While pointing the gun at them, the man allegedly jumped behind the counter and stole a box of money before fleeing the scene.

While investigating the incident, police claim to have located a piece of plastic that appeared to come from the clip of a gun and submitted it to crime lab analysis. Almost two years later, authorities collected a swab from a man which they claim matches DNA evidence on the plastic. After reviewing surveillance footage and claiming the man fit the profile, police took him into custody and charged him with armed robbery.

When accused of armed robbery, an individual may find it beneficial to seek guidance before responding to the charges. Those who face similar circumstances could speak with an attorney for guidance on the best course of action with which to proceed. An experienced attorney can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client in Wisconsin and assist in forming a strong defense for use during court proceedings.

Source:, “DNA evidence leads to Racine 2016 armed robbery suspect“, Feb. 2, 2018

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