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1 charged with battery following physical altercation at a bar

When a physical altercation takes place, it might not be uncommon for those involved to fear for their safety. However, even if an action is taken in self defense, if one party suffers a serious injury in the process, the other could be left facing criminal charges. A man is reportedly facing battery charges after he allegedly stabbed a man during a fight at a bar in Wisconsin.

The incident is said to have taken place at the bar on a recent Friday night when two men became involved in a physical confrontation. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities assert the man was waiting outside the establishment and claimed he was assaulted by the other party. However, several witnesses allegedly told officers the man had pulled out a knife and stabbed the other person.

This individual was reportedly taken to a medical facility for treatment of a stab wound. Law enforcement agents claim they located the knife soon thereafter, and that they also found blood near the spot where the fight allegedly took place. The man was taken into custody and faces multiple charges in relation to the incident, including battery and reckless endangerment of safety.

Individuals who are accused of battery could be uncertain of the options available to them as they navigate the criminal justice system. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can provide them with guidance in making informed decisions and advise them of the consequences they may face. By seeking guidance from an attorney early in the process, a client in Wisconsin could obtain assistance in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible given the circumstances.

Source:, “Barron County man charged after alleged bar stabbing“, Thomas Hensen, Jan. 30, 2018

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